The only online breeders network of verified dog breeders in the United States. Find Breeders all over the United States that have been verified as actual dog breeders.  United Online Breeders Dog Breeder Network is established to aid in the search of finding breeders who can stand behind their word.  Puppy Breeders have the basic competition and well as fraudulent ads to work against when advertising online.  Businesses registered with United Online Breeders have taken the extra steps to back their reputation with any and all efforts to show their customers that they also want you to feel safe and secure buying from them online.  Breeders have local organizations that help establish their reputation and have had many of these organizations for years.  United Online Breeders was established so they can show their customers that these businesses are reputable not only locally but online nationwide. Our dog breeders are located all across the United States.

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United Online Breeders encourages dog breeders all across the United States to registered as a verified breeder. Breeders in every state from Texas, Louisiana, Arizona, even Ohio have shown the kind of commitment needed to provide buyers a safe buying locations across the country. United Online Breeders and United Online Pure Breeders was established with the sole purpose to make the purchasing of any species online a safer place. No matter what state you are in we hope to provide buyers that are looking for puppies for sale that you the buyer will be a little more protected with our services. We do spot phone interviews before breeders are approved to be given our seal and this is to insure a better buying place for anyone who finds a breeder with our badge.

No one can guarantee any of the transactions that transpire between you and the breeder of your choice however we can assure you that we have provided you with an actual breeder. Most dog breeders on our site are registered with one   Many times while shopping online for breeders of any species you will encounter fraudulent ads from people who really do not have a dog for sale. Its time that breeders and those in the dog breeding industry take back a little bit of the security on the internet.  United Online Breeders is an organization of breeders who believe that coming together will help bring each of us a little more peace of mind. The breeders who have registered with UOBC simply want to prove to customers visiting their site that a third party has verified their business as a reputable dog breeder.  Many breeders will say that they can rely on their business name and reputation but all to often this can be ruined easily by the wrong information in the wrong hands.  United Online Breeders founder has been in the breeding business online for years and knows the ins and outs of a good reputation taken advantage of online.  Many business associates have struggled in the past and unfortunately it has taken a toll on many of them.  Because of seeing things like this happen to near and dear friends in the industry United Online Breeders was founded.  The breeders have come together under this one common mission to provide the customers a list of individual sites that they know the breeder they have picked has taken the steps to insure they are a little safer shopping directly from individual sites.  Puppies for sale can be found on any one of hundreds of listing sites.  But not all the listings are verified especially the free listing sites. It does not matter where you are looking to purchase from whether it is Missouri and Ohio or California and Florida we know that the dog breeders located on the links pages with United Online Breeders have been verified and will provide you the best possible safe site to visit.

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