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When United Online Breeders was established no one was protected by the knowledge that they were dealing with was verified by a third party.  No matter what state breeders are in from Mississippi, Louisiana, even New Mexico We hope this service is one that can help those doing business as a dog breeder online can flourish their business and build strong alliances in this industry.  Many of the online breeders that have joined our association have been scammed by someone or have been tricked by a fraudulent transaction as well and we hope to soon provide them a service that give them a little more peace of mind while dealing with a new pet owner.  Check us out for any future pet owner registry options.

United Online Breeders mission is to help breeders peace of mind to their customers.  Many of us here at United Online Breeders are pet lovers and several of us have purchased a puppy online as a new family member and although not all of us have experienced a bad transaction we all feel the pain when someone has.  United Online Breeders simply wants to make the internet a little better place to find puppies for sale online then it has been in the recent past.  We hope that no matter who you are the buyer or the breeder we hope to provide you a little bit better shopping option.  The idea behind out mission is simple.  Buyers and sellers both are protected by many things on the internet from secure payment transactions to secure sites.

United Online Breeders has been established as some what of a means too an end.  The founder experienced several situations that were fraudulent situations and felt the full effects of such a disastrous situation. Because of this United Online Breeders was established. We have worked with breeders for years in other aspects of this industry.  So many of them had been scammed by the other person in the transaction and they were all tired of being burned by this ominous figure of fraud that no one could fight.  Breeders and purchasers both felt unsafe doing business online.  With this issue being so overwhelming something had to be done.  So United Online Breeders was established. UOBA takes the time to get to know the breeders and build strong relationships with breeders across the entire United States. Many breeders in every state including states like California, Texas and Florida have found our site. Breeder who have registered have told their business associates and have passed the word about our attempts to help make this industry safer for everyone. Puppies for sale on the internet should be no less safe then purchasing flowers for a family member.

United Online Breeders provides the benefit of knowing your chosen breeder is dedicated to providing you the best experience possible online. If our badge is on any site you as a shopper has found you can contact UOBA and we will be glad to tell you about our experience with that breeder. We hope that the breeder you have found is registered with us and if they are not please feel free to recommend that breeder register with us to insure you the safer ability to purchase online. That is just one of the many things we love to do for both the buyer and the breeder, and that is to tell buyers about any of the wonderful breeders that we have have built a strong association with. Our association may be available directly to breeders online but we also provide our breeders with a certificate they can display in their business of they chose. United Online Breeders understands how frustrating it can be to find a way to verify the person they are doing business with. United Online Breeders Association simple wants to make the process of buying a puppy online from a breeder who has actually puppies for sale easier and safer for all purchasers.