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Confetti Schnauzers of America and Chocolate kiss puppies Miniature Schnauzers in Hotchkiss Colorado (CO) Has Miniature Merle Schnauzer puppies for sale in the Confetti Colors. Blue Merle,Liver Pepper, Wheaten Merle,Super Coated schnauzers, Mega coated schnauzer,AKC Miniature, Liver N Tan Merle,Black and Silver,Mini Designers puppy’s,Cryptic Salt N Pepper Parti, Wheaten Merle Parti,AKC White Parti,White Chocolate,Cryptic Black N Sliver,Blue Merle, Parti Schnoodles, Parti Poodle, We are devoted in raising some of the Prettiest Confetti Miniature Schnauzer in the USA.We are faithful to our Schnauzers and to our Customers. We offer the maximum Cleanness for our home, Quality sleeping arrangements, Great food and lots of Love.