More states are passing laws as well as federal regulations that could affect you if you are a breeder.   Breeding in most states is hard enough without issues like requirements that are over and above any other law.  Maybe we should focus more time and money on working with reputable breeders who know what they are doing instead of pushing more people to be "back yard" breeders.  More individuals will just try to buck the system and will find ways around the requirements.  Requirements often do not help to police the issue that is at hand, what it does is teaches people how to get around the new rules. 

In many cases this will cause dogs to be in more harm rather than make people compensate the breeding stock better.  It is speculated that if the cost of any new legislation is going to cost people thousands of dollars it will cause people to dispose of the animals they have in cruel ways just to keep from having more cost in keeping the stock that they have. 
It is also speculated that these new changes and new requirements will be overwhelming and will flood the humane societies and shelters. 

With our economy in the shape that it is in and with as many people in this country that are struggling to stay a float so to speak I think that maybe we should take a break from making more rules and regulations that cause people to not be able to make a living, and start putting those efforts towards creating more jobs instead of making business owners go bankrupt.