Recently our staff has started development on our sister sites.  We have a great new site that is strictly a directory for breeders to be placed in that are active breeders who have been verified.  We also have two registry sites that will be coming as well.  We have a registry site that will be geared towards hybrid/designer breeds which we will need some of our breeders expert assistance with as well as our pure breeds registry.  Simply put we want to level the field in some arenas and we will need all of our breeders expert experience.  Shortly those of you who have opted into the the email list will be receiving an email asking you if you want to participate in this panel of advisers either by mail or by phone conference. 

The dog industry is at a very important pivot point in our society and it is often times split right down the center.  We want to be there to provide the best possible alternatives around for all our breeders.  If you have any suggestions we strongly urge you to participate in one of the advisory panels.  This is also a great way to meet other breeders such as your self and get to know the founder of UOBC.  Grace will be conducting all the panel meetings and it will all start through email while she gathers important information from our breeders.  She will be working hand in hand with all our breeders and she is looking forward to getting to know more of you one on one.  Please feel free to contact her directly by submitting an email to with her name Grace in the subject line.  These are automatically forwarded to  her in box and she will contact those breeders as they come in.  We really look forward to these up coming changes and look forward to getting our breeders out on the internet in more safe places for them to advertise on.