The latest thing in scamming people on the internet in the dog world is shocking!  Scam artists are now setting up a website that is fake.  They are often taking information from a website that is already existing and already has a decent rank or decent following.  They are taking information that is similar to someones real site, and real information, as well as taking the watermark photos from the same site and putting on the fake site they have created. 

These sites are also being marketed on listing sites to look like the legitimate dog breeder.  When they are being contacted they are taking information in several ways.  The main way is to take the information from the customer that finds the site and phish their information then go on a shopping spree with that persons information.  The other ways to take from people is to take money from them just as if they are selling them a dog or puppy and just taking their money.  They are not just doing this in the dog industry they are doing this other breeds, industries and

When they take the money and act like they are selling them a dog or puppy this is ruining businesses and taking money from real breeders.  If this were to happen to you it could close the doors to your business.  With all the things passing in the legislation in not only in the individual states but the things on the federal level we need to guard ourselves as much as possible.  Safe guarding yourself and those around you by making close business relationships, strong associations and with third party verification processes these are the things that we all need to do as businesses on the internet.  Working with each other no matter what our differences are will make a strong internet presence for all of the legitimate breeders.  We are all in this trying to make a living and trying to stop things like this from affecting us all negatively.