Is it me or is the governmental policies that are wasting tax payers money getting more and more ridiculous.  What is it that we need to do as people, who are hard working individuals trying to generate money into a failing economy,  to get these politicians to understand that they are just wasting more dollars day after day.  These acts are simple and just plane unacceptable no matter where you are.  Biased business practices, unreal expectations placed on small business owners and to top it all off just one more way to make an honest hard worker make less money in a failing economy sounds like pure political suicide. 
Missourian need to vote no on Proposition B and simply put Missourians need to fight for the right to keep free enterprise free.  No other area of small business owners are restricted in such a manner and no other states should follow suite with such vulgar acts of demolishing income for the state.  If Missourians let this Proposition B pass it can affect many other states and will cause an even larger issue in the United States Economy.  Taking even more dollars out of the hands of the general middle class.  This will cause oceans waves of detrimental economic failures and could be a breaking point in the teetering economy and not one that will induce survival of the recession.