As we try to find more things to cut back on our costs one of the things we discussed here at United Online Breeders was the fact that many of us groom either for a living or for our own pets.  The thing that came to mind the most was should everyone groom at home?  The obvious answer is usually the best. NO! 
Grooming a pet of your own really can be a much harder activity then it sounds.  Not all dogs are willing participants and if you are unaware of how to handle a hard to deal with pet during grooming you could injure yourself or your pet.  Saving a few dollars on dog grooming may not be saved if you have a vet bill due to an injury.  As for grooming a puppy or dog that is a willing participant it may also be difficult to shape properly, cut accurately or even get the hair style to just look "normal". 
Grooming your own pet may not be for everyone, however many people groom pets on a regular basis for others.  We have seen many people take online grooming course and have done so successfully which is simply put, the best way to go if you do not have the time to take a course outside of your home.  Grooming a pet can be fun, as well as fulfilling for people.  Anyone who has the desire to groom really needs to take the time to research it and any grooming school options before making a decision on which course to take.  Many of the courses available are great but not for everyone. 
If your ambitions just do not go past your own home the an online grooming course may not be beneficial due to the cost, however it may be worth it in the end. 
We have many breeders and groomers that have recommended several options however the most economical way to do so is just take your loved pet to a professional and pay the few dollars out of pocket that it will cost you.  Sometimes taking matters into your own hands can cost you more in the end, then just paying the professionals to handle it for you.