We just wanted to send out a new reminder of the scam that is affecting dog breeders on the internet.  Many scam artists are creating a website on a free hosted site with a sub domain as the address.  They are taking information of of reputable websites and copying that information and making it look as if they are the actually breeder that has the original site.  This is affecting your business and will ruin your reputation.  Scam artists are relentless and they use dog breeder sites often to take money as payment for a dog they do not actually have for sale.  In doing this they can and are using your business name and taking your business. 
It is a simple way to steal all your referral business, your website traffic that is not directly routed to your site as well as make your reputation on the internet collapse.  Guarding yourself from this type of fraud is not easy and will take time and an investment with a good network.  Making sure your domain is an actual domain will assist you as well.  It is worth the monthly investment to host your site with reputable places to insure you do not have a sub domain as your address.  Many referral sites will take the money from people and make you look like the scam artist.  It is just as easy to be branded a scam artist as it is to be branded a good breeder.  Online breeders cannot be protected when they are not networking with each other and coming together to help each other for the greater good of keeping the internet as safe as possible.