Dog breeders all over the United States are coming together to bring the best possible place online for their customer.  Simply put United Online Breeders wants to be there with you.  We do not know what all the dog breeders need or want, and we do not know what would be the best thing to offer you and your customers.  What we do know is how to get what you want if dog breeders tell us what they need.  It is simple and so easy to come together and bring our networks together under one vision.  The vision can encompass all breeders that are qualified, and willing to help the vision become a dog breeders reality.  Between all the people that are out there whether they have been around breeding their whole life or just getting started there are always helping hands available to assist each other.  We are strong when we are united and we are even stronger when we all have the same great vision for us and our customers. 

United Online Breeders Club is the founding force that hopes to bring a unanimous understanding and vision to all its breeders.  Stop making it hard on breeders who know what they are doing and stop making it harder to survive in our economy.  The majority of the dog breeders out there who are reputable can and will always be willing to care and love for their puppies the right way.  Making it harder for legitimate dog breeders to provide adequate living spaces for their breeding stock simply just does not make sense.  Why punish the legitimate breeders and why make it harder to be legitimate.  Dog breeding is hard and can be mentally draining but everyone of the breeders associated with United Online Breeders Club is and has been willing to do the labor of love for all their loved animals.