Having a puppy that fits you and your personality as well as your life style is the best way to fit a new pet into your life.  Many people are just aware of the things that need to transpire in the every day life of a new pet.  Some of the more common questions that people over look are:  How active is one breed verses another?  Do I want a dog that needs lots of affection or do I want a dog that is self reliant?  How much time and money do I want to spend on grooming?  These are just some of the questions that need to be asked.  We suggest a few things that you should do as someone that is preparing to bring a new pet home.  First and foremost research the dog breed that you are interested in.  This will give you the understanding of the breed and if it will fit into your lifestyle.  This will also help you know more about the needs the dog breed you are interested in.  The next thing we suggest is to speak to professionals with the breed that you decide to purchase.  All breeders know the breeds they are dealing with because the deal with every day.  they are the experts that know the breed and its needs as well as what will make the puppy and you a happy combination.  Most reputable breeders will want to make sure that your lifestyle works with the breed they are familiar with because as with all reputable breeders they want to make sure the puppy goes to a forever home.  Getting to know you as the new puppy owner will help them to be up front and honest as to if you and the breed you have selected are a good fit. 
The last thing we suggest to do is to play video games.  Yes I know this is a strange idea in and of itself however it will help you to understand all the work that goes into having a real puppy.  A "cyber dog" is much easier to handle and if your new online pet makes it through your lifestyle then a real puppy has a better chance.  Yes we are aware that people dealing with a pet that is a pet video game is not the exact same thing.  We do however know that with all things if you can find a way to make an online pet survive and treat it as if it were a real puppy then you will have a better understanding of how much work you will have going into getting a new puppy. 
As for getting a real puppy we hope that these small tips will help you as a new pet owner know that a puppy is a huge commitment and for the most part it is worth it.  If you are truly wanting to find a good fit for you we suggest you visit the breeders on our site that have been verified as having real puppies available.  All of our breeders are willing to answer questions to insure you are making the right breed choice for you.