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PakaJack Russells

Parker AZ


Paka Jack Russells in Arizona is owned by Connie Mathewson.  Her adorable Short Jack Russell's for sale are bred for temperament and health and are bred to keep the look of the Short Jack Russell Terrier.


Colorado Jack Russells

Delta CO


Exclusively raising the Short Jack Russell Terrier and a member of the EJRTCA.  Top Quality beyond your everyday Jack Russell Terrier.  Breeding for health, temperament, and conformation.  Dedicated and knowledgeable Short Jack Russell Terrier Breeders. 

Bright Jacks

Riverview FL


Exceptional quality eye appealing Short Jack Russell Terriers as a companion.  Bred to be some of the top Short Jack Breeders in the United States.  Short Legged Jack Russell Terrier Puppies For Sale can be found at Bright Jacks in Florida.

Russellville Farms

Plain Dealings LA


Breeding quality Short Jack Russell Terriers for over 15 years.  Working hard for many years achieving the Short Jack Russell.  Members of the EJRTCA registry.  Smooth, rough, and broken coat Short Jack Russell Terrier puppies available in Louisiana. 


Cuttin Up Jack Russells

Seymour TX


Proud member of the EJRTCA and located in Seymour Texas.  Planned litter information available on their site as well as available Short Jack Russell Terrier puppies.  Short Jack Russell Terriers from Cutting Up Jack Russells are know for their wonderful, friendly, and calm temperament.

Dyas Farms

Goshen OH


Dyas Farms is a member of the EJRTCA and has been breeding Short Jack Russell Terriers since 1990. Dyas Farms breeding program is designed to produce healthy, playful, non hyper Short Jack Russell Terriers for residential living.

Hobbit Hill Jack Russell Terriers

Alexander AR


Arkansas is home to Hobbit Hill Jack Russell Terriers, the cutest Short Jack Russell Terriers around! These Short Jack Russell Terriers have a sweet disposition, good bone structure, set ears, and happy, healthy, as well as well socialized.

High Meadow Terriers

Priest River ID


Located in Idaho, just about an hour from the Canadian border.  Selective breeders to produce excellent Shorty Jack Russell Terrier Puppies.  High Meadow Terriers available Shorty Jack Russell Terrier puppies for sale are little bundles of energy and amazing companions.

 DBF Russell Terriers

Round Hill VA


Located in beautiful Virgina and breeder of the Short Jack Russell Terrier. DBF Russell Terriers are bred for companionship not hunting or working. The Short Jack Russells at DBF Russell Terriers have a wonderful temperament.  Reservation on the Short Jack Russell Terrier Puppies For Sale are accepted. Visit with DBF Farms today to find out more about the Short Jack Russell Terrier puppies for sale that are ready to go home to great quality families.
Short Jack Russells Lazy C Ranch
Short Jack Russell Puppies Lazy C

Lazy C Ranch

Henrietta TX


We bred our Jack Russell Terriers for Size and Conformation but more importantly Temperament.
Our Shorty Jack's are 10" or under and our Puddin Jack's are 8" or under. They are all "happy little dogs", with small body's and big hearts!
 We raise all three coat types Smooth, Broken and Rough.We are tremendously passionate about these little dogs and it truly shows in our puppies!Thank you for stopping by and as always.........."We hope you are having a JACK RUSSELL DAY!"

McAlester Jacks

McAlester OK


McAlester Jacks is located in McAlester Oklahoma. Breeding The Short Jack Russell Terrier on their beautiful eighty acres. Breeding the Shorty Jack Russell Terrier for confirmation and dispositions. Member of the EJRTCA. 

Scotlyn Kennels

Murrieta CA


Home Of The Best Shorty Jacks West Of The Rockies! Breeding the Short Jack Russell Terrier for confirmation, beautiful faces, and wonderful temperament. Members of the EJRTCA. Our Shorty Jack Russell puppies for sale maybe bred in California but are available to be shipped in you anywhere in the United States.

Spotswood Jacks

Fredricksburg VA


Spotswood Jacks located in Virginia breeds the Short Jack Russell Terrier. Breeders breeding for confirmation and good temperament. Making wonderful companions and great family pets by breeding the Shorty Jack Russell Terrier. A member of the EJRTCA.


Flat Land Jack Russells  

Tatum NM


Flat Land Jack Russell's OF Tatum New Mexico breeder of the The Short Jack Russell Terrier. Breeding for confirmation and temperament. Flat Land Jack Russell's follows the breeding standards and is an active member of the EJRTCA.



Dixie Rose Russells

Brentley AL


To meet the Jack Russell Terriers of Dixie Rose contact them or visit their website. The Jack Russell Terriers at Dixie Rose Russells are athletic and active and great for companionship.
Short Jack Russell Puppy Bare Bottom Kennel
Short Jack Russell puppy Bare Bottom Kennel

Bare Bottom Farm

St George VT


Breeding the Short Jack Russell Terrier for several years. The Short Jack Russell Terriers at Bare Bottom Farm are available for sale. They are looking for the right homes for their puppies and can be contacted about any available puppies for sale.


Murphy's Russell Terriers

Carrollton OH


Irish Jack Russell Terrier puppies for sale. They are members of the EJRTCA and breed to the standards that are set with by their organization. Contact them for their available Shorty Jack Russell Terriers.


Fox Fire Jacks

Moneta VA


Jack Russell Terriers for sale at Fox Fire Jacks are breed for super intelligence, amazing temperament, and good health. These great dogs are perfect for homes looking for active and fun loving pets to enjoy time with in their lives.

Posey CA


Short Jack Russell Terrier Dog breeders located in Posey California. Breeding the Short Jack Russell as a small breeder who raises her puppies in home. the Short Jacks bred at JackNDoodleRanch are registered with CKC, NKC, AKCFSS, and the UKC.